Tiny Replicas

Rumble Theatre / Tremors Festival (2018)

Zee Zee Theatre (2011)

Sage Theatre / Ignite Festival (2009)

In an effort to realize his lifelong dream of fatherhood, Simon and his partner Ethan embark on an untraditional journey in order to become fathers. Enlisting the help of their good friends Danya and Audrey, (one to donate the egg and the other to carry the fetus) these four friends quickly become an unconventional family bonded by the baby that they all helped to create. Like any family, problems ensue and Simon quickly realizes that there is much more to becoming a father then fathering a child.

Currently in development as a feature film with Sociable Films Inc, under the title Us in Nine Months.

One of GayVancouver’s Top Ten plays of 2010
A very personal glimpse into queer baby making that is both touching and funny.
Vancouver’s local theatre scene can sometimes be devoid of shows that reflect our community, but to see our stories reflected in such a personal way as in Tiny Replicas is simply wonderful.” - GayVancouver
Tiny Replicas is informative, touching and funny…. A tender, brazen delight.” - SAD MAG
You will laugh and worry along with the characters, and you will understand how Tiny Replicas succeeds as an important cultural artifact introducing us to the invisible gay parent and the hardships they must endure in order to live a life they are entitled to.” - Geist Magazine

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Arena (Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls)
Teatr Powszechny W Lodzi (Poland)
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Teatr Powszechny w Lodzi (Poland)
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