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Peach Cobblah, known as the Baddest B&*#h ofVancouver, or East Van’s Cheapest Date, has been a fixture of Vancouver’snightlife for over a decade. With her wife Isolde N. Barron she co-created Tucked & Plucked: Drag Herstory LiveOnstage which has appeared extensively over the past seven years includingat the Magnetic North Festival and PuSh International Performing Arts Festival,and their latest theatre-drag hybrid for kids, Parents Are A Drag, commissioned by the Vancouver InternationalChildren’s Festival. Peach created and for over four years hosted Shame Spiral,a devilishly regretful weekly drag show at 1181 in Vancouver’s West End. Shealso helped revive the queer East Van scene for the past decade with eventslike HUSTLA: homo hip hop, The Gay Agenda: Glitter & Skin, a monthly partycelebrating all forms of masculinity, the annual Mr/Miss Cobalt DragCompetition, Eye Roll: Another F$%*ing 90s Party, and Limp Wrist, celebratingqueer icons. She can be seen sweating and swaying all over town. She appearedas Hanna the Dominatrix in The Vancouver Playhouse’s final production, La Cage Aux Folles, and continues tohost events across the lower mainland from prides to community events topolitical conversations. Out of drag Peach is known as award-winning playwrightDave Deveau who has had twelve plays produced, many of which have been touringCanada and the US for the past decade.

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Parents Are A Drag

Commissioned by Vancouver International Children’s Festival            
Zee Zee Theatre tour to Ottawa Children's Festival, Junior Harbourfront Children's Festival (Toronto), Nutrien Children's Festival (Saskatoon) and Winnipeg International Children's Festival (2020) Cancelled due to COVID-19
ZeeZee Theatre at UBC Kids Takeover (2020)
Zee Zee Theatre at Massey Theatre (2020)            
ZeeZee Theatre at Vancouver International Children’s Festival (2019)  

Join local drag queens Peach Cobblah & Isolde N. Barron for a drag dress-up spectacular! Add some rainbow to your day at this fun and inclusive event which reminds young ones, their parents, caregivers and everyone in between that it’s never too early (or too late!) to get silly and dress-up! Parents are a Drag celebrates diversity with songs, laughter and play. With opportunities for the audience to become part of the show, be sure to come dressed to impress or ready for some dress-up time. 

Tucked & Plucked: Drag Herstory Live Onstage

Magnetic North Festival (2019)
Zee Zee Theatre (2017)
           PuSh International Performing Arts Festival (2014)
rEvolver Festival (2013)
Commissioned by PAL Theatre (2012)

Ever wondered where drag queens come from? Tucked& Plucked unearths the history of the drag movement, and more specifically the indigenous drag community in Vancouver. Following the rise of drag culture alongside – and often directly impacting –the queer rights movement, this glamorous and outrageous talk show explores the effects these audacious individuals have had on social and political change. Co-hosted by real-life drag husbands, The Queen of East Van, Isolde N. Barron (Cameron Mackenzie) andThe Baddest Bitch Peach Cobblah (Dave Deveau). And if these real-life drag husbands weren’t enough, their star-studded lineup of Vancouver’s greatest and most influential indigenous drag royals will bedazzle parts of the local history that you’ve never heard.

“It’s a beautiful and very intimate display of pride…Peach and Isolde are as charming as ever as hosts…It is exciting to know that drag has a place outside the loud and rough world of nightclubs.”
– Georgia Straight


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