Dads in Drag: Vancouver Couple Brings Dress up to Children’s Festival

Two local drag queens are set to light up the Vancouver International Children's Festival with equal parts silliness and sass in a child-friendly drag show this weekend. Peach Cobblah and Isolde N. Barron — as well as their 9-5 counterparts, Dave Deveau and husband Cameron Mackenzie — have created a drag show for all ages called Parents are a Drag..

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Dave Deveau and Cameron Mackenzie want their own tiny replicas

Cameron Mackenzie and Dave Deveau want children. Three in fact. And they aren’t afraid to let Vancouver audiences know it as they present Deveau’s Tiny Replicas, with partner Mackenzie directing, as part of the inaugural Neanderthal Arts Festival beginning July 21st...

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Theatre opens doors to LGBTQ discussions

As the director of citizenship at The York School in Toronto, Sarah Charley spends much of her time identifying educational opportunities for students at the independent school. A big part of that is finding effective vehicles to kick-start classroom conversations for the 475 students at the co-educational school, addressing topics such as relationships, careers, and drugs and alcohol image-appropriate classes...

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Elbow Room Café: The Musical dishes out its theatrical due

After a remarkable 34-year run, Vancouver’s most deliciously theatrical experience is finally taking the stage. But don’t worry: you can still dine at Davie Street’s Elbow Room Café, and if you show up with your ticket stub from Elbow Room Café: The Musical, you’ll even be entitled to 15 percent off...

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Award-winning play My Funny Valentine tackles homophobia in classrooms

The award-winning play My Funny Valentine is set to take the stage at the Zee Zee Theatre in Vancouver on Wednesday. The play was created by celebrated Vancouver-based playwright Dave Deveau, the man behind Elbow Room Café: The Musical. Deveau says of all his plays, My Funny Valentine is closest to his heart...

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Le legs de l’Elbow Room Café perdure

Un restaurant emblématique à Vancouver. Après avoir fermé ses portes en octobre 2018, l’esprit de ce lieu de brunch populaire continue d’être célébré à travers deux comédies musicales créées en son honneur. Le plus récent, Holiday at the Elbow Room Café fera ses débuts le 10 décembre au Historic Theatre, une partie de l’organisation artistique The Cultch...

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