Celestial Being / Extra-Celeste

Sudbury Theatre Centre (2017)

Green Thumb Theatre (2014-2017)

Theatre la Seizieme (2014)

Celeste is having a hard time at school; she can’t seem to make any friends in her class, so she decides she must be from outer space.

Celeste knows there is a whole world of people who are like her up in the stars, so she starts building a spaceship to bring her back to her home planet. That’s whenCeleste meets Martin, a new boy at school, who wants to help build the rocket, and the adventure takes a new turn. Celestial Being explores the world of a young girl with a big imagination and her struggle making social connections.As we see the world through her eyes, and the tremendous colour and joy that her inner world presents, we realize that seeing things differently can be a wonderful gift.

Co-commissioned and originally produced by Theatre la Seizieme and Green Thumb Theatre

Photos of Green Thumb production by Moonrider Productions, Directed by Patrick McDonald, starring Katey Hoffman & Jordan Jenkins, set, props & costume design by Drew Facey, sound design by Patrick Pennefather

Other photography by Jennifer Greenhorn, courtesy of Theatre la Seizieme


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