Lowest Common Denominator

Zee Zee Theatre (2014)

Lowest Common Denominator explores the complicated web of intergenerational relationships and single-parenting as it unearths the darkness that surfaces when we’re confronted with something that challenges our moral fabric. HarmonyMeyer is trying to get back on her feet after a messy divorce, and while renewing her car insurance asks Peter, her insurance agent, on a date. Over the course of an acohol-fuelled dinner, there is a palpable connection – it seems these two have known each other for years.

It also becomes apparent that Peter is gay, something he shares in common withHarmony’s seventeen-year-old son Trevor, who has just come out. When Harmony accidentally stumbles upon the two of them kissing, something changes in her and the tragic new course of all three of their lives is set in motion.

Commissioned by Zee Zee Theatre

“Dave Deveau's Lowest Common Denominator is a tsunami of a play, alternately buoying and buffeting its audience with wave upon wave of roiling action and intense emotion.” – PeterDickson, Performance, Place, and Politics
“Playwright Dave Deveau has written a touching and honest slice of modern life that needs to be seen.” - Megan Gray, Vancity Buzz
“The sheer vigour and inventiveness of the writing is bracing, andLowest Common Denominator is an excellent argument accelerant.” – Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight
"An outstanding original piece that will delight, provoke, and devastate. Dave Deveau's Lowest Common Denominator is a welcomeaddition to the Canadian drama canon."    – Fun!Fun!Vancouver

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