It all started with a question

And we're still trying to find the answer

A play is a conversation - so let's talk.

Greco-Roman preferred.

Thanks to stopping by. Or maybe dropping in again. This is where we get to have a conversation, just us, one on one.

I’ll be sipping coffee* or Scotch and maybe you will be too, and though there will be a time lag between when I’m writing and when you’re reading, there will be something magical in that - that we can exist together in time*. And I’ll get to tell you about all the things I do which, from the outside, might all seem unrelated at first, but just trust it - whether as playwright, as teacher, as drag queen, as producer, it's all just a means to converse with you, to wrestle with a question I don't fully understand and ask "hey, what do you think?". So poke around and let me know: what DO you think?

Now I’m raising my glass to you, so cheers your screen. Just don’t clink the glass too hard.

Dark roast with milk.

time-travel is exhausting!

What's next

Queer View Mirror: My Gay Grandpas

My article from BeatRoute’s November issue. Though scientists and academics have pondered the notion of a gay bloodline for almost as long as gays have walked this mighty Earth, the findings still feel hazy, or at least my limited-at-best research has come up with more questions than answers. In traditional families, these stories trickle down the family tree to give us a sense of who we

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A little bit more Elbow Room

I am writing real people. Scarier still, I am writing my friends. I am in the thick of the first draft of my new musical Elbow Room Cafe, written with brilliant composer-lyricist Anton Lipovetsky, who I’ve had the honour of working with before when he starred in the Firehall remount of my play My Funny Valentine. Working with someone like Anton is continuously inspiring because

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An Open Letter to my hero Dolly Parton

Dear Ms. Parton- I would like to start by saying that I will probably gush if I spend too long talking about the impact you’ve had on my work and life (see I think you are heroic for so many reasons that I won’t even begin to get into here…. Instead I will tell you a story…  For my 30th birthday my husband surprised

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